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The Descendants of 

Mathias Redden

The picture above is of Mathias Redden with his wife  Laura Jane Ward with their son Herbert 

Mathias Redden was born 10 Aug 1832 in Fayette County, VA.  He died 3 Nov 1923 in Raleigh County WV. 


In the 1850 Raleigh Co. Virginia census, it shows Mathias as 18 years old and still at home with William and Fanny.

Raleigh Co. Marriage Records show that Mathias was married 3 times.

Marriage #1. 18 Sep 1853 to Abigail Adkins, in Raleigh Co. VA. solemnized by L.A. Smith.                                                                                                              Abigail was born about 1836 in Boone County VA. She died 15 Oct 1876 in Raleigh County WV  of consumption, as recorded in the                                Raleigh County death records.  

Mathias and Abigail had 14 Children:

1. Mary Redden     2. Emma Redden     3. Martha Redden    4. Liz Redden     5. Rachel Clementine Redden

6. William L. Redden      7.  Alamander ( Gan ) Redden     8. John Redden     9. Manervie Redden     10. Eliza Redden

11. Celiss Redden     12. Artle Redden     13. Clinton Redden     14. Clarence Redden

 Marriage  #2. 6 Dec 1877 to Alice Gwinn, listed as Eliza A Redden on her death record. Alice died 6 June1880 in childbirth. Her death record shows her maiden name as Martin. However when she married Mathias she carried the name Gwinn, indicating that she had been  married previously. Her death record says she was the daughter of Shadrack and Mary Martin. Mathias' and Alice's first child, Annie, was born in 1878. Alice died with their second child. Her death record also says she was born in Fayette Co. However her marriage record says she was born in Greenbrier Co.

 Mathias and Alice had 2 children:      1. Annie  F. Redden.                                     2. Died at birth with Alice

Marriage #3.  Mathias was married 18 Nov 1889 to Laura Jane Ward. 

Mathias and Laura  had :                   1. Herbert  Redden   ( Hubert is what is on his birth record ) b 20 Sept 1899.


West Virginia death records below show Mathias Redden,  died 3 Nov. 1923. at age 91


               1. Mary Redden  (Mathias)

              2. Emma Redden  (Mathias)  

              3. Martha Redden  (Mathias)

              4. Liz Redden  (Mathias)

             5. Rachel Clementine Redden  (Mathias)

              6. William L. Redden  (Mathias)

              7.  Alamander Parker ( Gan ) Redden  (Mathias) 

 In the picture to the right, front row left to right, is Alamander Redden, Blanch Redden, and Nancy (Nan) Martin, wife of         Alamander Redden. On  back row left to right is Azel (Jess) Carson Redden, Albie Redden, Florence Redden, Lloyd Redden.

Alamander and Nancy Had the following Children: 

            1. Azel (Jess) Carson Redden                            2. Albie Redden                      3. Florence Redden

            4. Lloyd Redden                                                   5. Blanch Redden







              8. John Redden  (Mathias)

              9. Manervie Redden  (Mathias)

              10. Eliza Redden  (Mathias)

              11. Celiss Redden   (Mathias)

              12. Artle Redden   (Mathias)

              13. Clinton Redden  (Mathias)

               14. Clarence Redden  (Mathias)

              1. Annie  F. Redden  (Mathias)

              1. Herbert  Redden (Mathias)

              1. Azel (Jess) Carson Redden (Alamander) (Mathias




               2. Albie Redden (Alamander) (Mathias)

              3. Florence Redden (Alamander) (Mathias)                                                                                                     










                                                                                                                                                              The photo above is of Florence and Blanch                                                 


               4. Lloyd Redden (Alamander) (Mathias)

              5. Blanch Redden (Alamander) (Mathias)












We wish to thank the descendants who have contributed to the creation of this web page. Without them this site would not exist.  If you are a descendant of Mathias Redden  and can fill in some of the blanks or can add photographs or other family history information, please help. If there are mistakes that you are aware of, please let us know, Thank you.  Contact : the_descendants@hotmail.com

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