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The History of the Shady Springs District
A History of the Shady Springs District, compiled and
published by the Shady Springs Women's Club, 1979.
Census of 1810 Raleigh County
Grandview Reunion Booklet
Early Raleigh County Settlers by W. A. Riffe.

The Shady Springs District is located in Raleigh County West
Virginia near the New River. Surrounding towns are Crow,
Beaver, Quinnimont, Table Rock and Grandview. Some of the
early families that settled there are the Reddens, Carpers,
McClures, Adkins, Meadows, Plumleys, and Kidwells.

In 1797 Francis Farley was employed by wealthy Greenbriar
County citizens to cut a road through Raleigh County.
William Redden Sr. is listed as the first settler in the
1810 Census of Raleigh County. Almost all of the early
settlers were illiterate unless from wealthy families.
Although he could not read or write, William Redden made
some shrewd land deals and owned several hundred acres of
land. It was heavily forested and rich in minerals. Many
settlers sought out river bottom land but there were some
isolated farms in the timbered areas. Wild game abounded
and bears were prized for their meat, grease and blankets.

There were no schools until 1865 because most families were
just trying to survive. Children worked and were considered
adults in their teens. In 1876, school terms were only four
months long and were held in log buildings 20 by 22 feet.
Teacher pay was about fifteeen dollars a month and teachers
moved from one school site to another. One school site was
listed as Redden. Others were Flat Top, Beaver, Richmond,
Carper,Tom Lilly, Scott, Hunt, Tilden, Sulpher Springs, and
Low Top.

About 1810, William and Fanny Redden bought a farm on the
level plateau on top of New River Mountain between Glade
Creek and Mill Creek and Mathias Kaylor bought a large tract
of land near Grandview. Many of their descendents still
live in Raleigh County today.

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